Desktop App Development.

Individual software development from architecture to application.

Since 1995 we have been implementing software solutions for our customers for the Windows platform. Our range of services in the area of ​​the Windows development includes the implementation of custom-made desktop and client-server applications, as well as system-level applications.

Individual software development

Standard solutions do not always meet all the requirements of a company. This is especially true for technically demanding projects, where company-and industry-specific adjustments are necessary.

Software developed just for you saves time and nerves for everyday work. Precisely customized to your needs, it increases measurable efficiency and productivity of employees. It grows with your business and tasks by adapting to your work flow.


First of all, we consider each customer individually. We want to understand your entire business before we draw our conclusions.

After getting a holistic view, we jointly agree upon the details, like architecture, technology, roadmap, etc. Thanks to our agile software development, we can quickly respond to your needs and identify possible errors quickly.

Our core competencies

Professional software development requires professional tools and frameworks. We use the Microsoft. NET framework for the development of powerful desktop and client-server applications. The. NET Framework represents a comprehensive and consistent programming model, with impressive user experience, seamless and secure communication with over 8,000 classes. With Visual Studio and Git we use tools that belongs to the best.

Windows 10 allows your desktop applications to be used simultaneously on the tablet and on the desktop. We offer Window Store apps, with all the benefits of desktop and mobile applications.

Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT is a solution with a full Windows platform, based on Windows 10. It offers essential functions for devices which are a part of an intelligent sytem solution to cover the entire spectrm of Microsoft technologies, which are used in retail, manufacturing, health care and banking.

Our customers are above all amazed about the modern graphics and the multi-gesture touch operations.