App Development.

We accompany you in the realization of your mobile solution.

Professional Services. Professional Results.

Software2Business GmbH offers you a comprehensive full service for the development of your app – and a cooperation, which you will enjoy.
Discover our development pipeline and tools, we use.

  • Learn - our team get to know your mobile strategy
  • Design Proposal - we design a proposal for the app, based on your requirements and outline a scheme the project work and the estimated periods
  • Design - we complete the software architecture and the GUI in an agile approach
  • Development - we develop a 100% native app for iOS, Android, and Windows. The business logik will be developed only once and shared between the OS. This approach reduce the costs of the app.
  • Test - thanks to the Xamarin test cloud, we can test the app on over 1000 devices. the UI tests increase the quality of the app.
  • Store - relax, we take care of the deployment the app in the store
  • Live Monitoring - after the app ist in the store, we monitor it. Our technology combines usage analytics and crash reporting which allows us to identify and address live issues immediately.

Apps for all mobile platforms.

From Apple iOS to Android and Windows 10.

From Smart phone through Tablet to Desktop.

We provide comprehensive advice on the advantages and disadvantages, technical conditions and market conditions.

Native software development

Native mobile software development means not compromising. So, you achieve the best "look and feel" on any platform and the best performance of your app. Only in this way can you use all the features of a mobile platform.

In comparison, an app that runs in the web browser is slower, has only limited opportunities to access the API of the platform and looks similar on any platform. You have the impression of using a web page and not an app, for a mobile platform.

Cross platform development.

With Microsoft. NET and Xamarin Mono, we develop a reusable C # code and platform-specific GUI. As a result, you get a native app that can use the shared business logic, data and network access to all platforms.
Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java can be done in C# and Visual Studio with Xamarin. There are no limitations, on the contrary you can reuse 50-90% of your source code!

Professional tools for the app development

Professional software development needs professional tools. With Microsoft. NET and Xamarin we are able to build a native app in Visual Studio. We can use tools, libraries and design patterns that we know very well.
Xamarin test cloud allows us to test apps on over 1000 different devices !
With Xamarin insights we can live see issues in the app and quickly identify the reason.